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We Are Your Favourite beyondfairtrade ecommerce platform.Schiffkorb is a company bridging the industry gap between Africa and the rest of the world. Our #beyondfairtrade business model and purposeful company is building a sustainable relationship with producers, farmers and consumers. Our model ensures that the entire added value of cultivation and production of our selected products remains in the country of manufacture, #beyondfairtrade. It is our corporate philosophy to support sustainable crop cultivation, agricultural industrialisation, and the economy of Africa as a whole. We take our role very seriously in supporting value addition at Origin countries across Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable small-scale farmers to make a living from their hands. That is why a percentage of every product sold through our shop goes directly to community projects in regions where our farmers call home. Every cup of coffee, tea, cocoa beans or coconut has its own story, we invite consumers and friends of Africa to support our mission in eradicating poverty in rural communities and buy #beyondfairtrade. Together we can raise the standard of rural communities in developing countries. Ensuring that a large part of the profits generated from the sales of finished products are reinvested into communities, education, health care plans, housing and other projects chosen by the farmers cooperatives. At Schiffkorb we are telling product stories and changing the stereotype mentality that Africa is "a country" of raw materials. We are #beyondfairtrade. We are raising awareness for responsible consumption and production of high cash crops. quality import products from Africa. We invest in food processing on the continent of Africa for the Export market guaranteeing high-end quality with every purchase.

Corporate Values

With beyondfairtrade Initiative, Schiffkorb will continue its sustainable orientation and drive forward its social commitment to made in Africa sustainable development products. Our foundational corporate goals are deeply rooted in contributing to SDG 2030 vision for farmers and their communities. Within these goals, encompasses environmental, climate and nature conservation of agricultural products chain as well as social and societal responsibility. Schiffkorb is paying increasing attention to ecologically sustainable and socially compatible production of raw crops into value added in the manufacture of all our cataloged products. When organic cultivation is implemented into the farming procedures, considerably less pesticides that pollute the earth are used to conserve natural resources of the crops grown. Furthermore, Schiffkorb ensures that social standards, such as statutory minimum wages and maximum working hours, are observed and contractually binds its business partners to comply with them.
Through the made in Africa, beyondfairtrade initiative, Schiffkorb is also committed to helping African small-scale farmers and promoting sustainable crop cultivation and production in Africa. In the case of coffee, Schiffkorb also pays attention to responsible recycling of cherries processing waste pulps and water at the coffee washing stations.
You can recognise our sustainable single origin coffee from Rwanda with the origin seal on the package. Change begins with us and we are committed to beyondfairtrade Initiative, producing high cash crops at origin countries to create job and making conscious consumption possible. We attach particular importance to sustainable standards during production and avoid unnecessary delivery routes in order to keep CO2 emissions low. By engaging in dialogue with people, at events and products tasting sessions, we want to make our environmentally and socially responsible business activities transparent and credible. We therefore are seeking more people to enter into dialogue with our customers, help our products reach new customers in a wide variety of outlets and communities. Discover the beyond fair-trade Initiative at Schiffkorb Projects and find out how sustainability can be lived in when you follow our company's mission.

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