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Conditions To Grow Coffee

Coffee is a friend of the mountain. The higher you go up, the oxygen will be going down, and carbon dioxide will be going up—the 101 for producing coffee green trees. So heavy coffee beans are the ones that can make the best quality coffee. Secondly, the farm needs to be above sea level 1500 meters – 2500 meters. The higher up you go on the mountain, the better the acidity in the coffee. Thirdly you need stable weather. You can not grow coffee in very cold or scorching temperatures because, in scorching climates, coffee leaves dry up and drop down. When this happens, coffee trees will be without any leaves. Therefore the trees have no importance. Hence, Rwanda coffee is grown where the temperature variable is between 13-32 degrees census not more or less than this.

Fourthly, coffee depends on rainfall. Rain must fall quite often for the trees to produce high-quality cherries. It is unhealthy for the trees to go beyond three months without any rain; they need moisture content to make the coffee tree mature. Finally, coffee needs soft soil to grow. The ground must be delicate because the roots of the coffee tree are not strong enough, and as such, the trees require Loam soil to get adequate minerals.