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Enemies Of Coffee

These are diseases and pests of Coffee. It is essential to maintain the farms in harvesting time because the cherries would be many, and some will fall. Farms need weeding to ensure that in the dry season starting in July/ August, the dry climate will not evaporate every moisture on the farm. The process of using sorghum is good for the soil to keep water contained for Coffee. Some diseases attack the coffee leaves or beans, but the ones that attack the leaves, leave rust disease caused by fungus and the leaves dry and dropdown. This is unhealthy for the coffee tree because the tree will not yield fruits when the leaves fall. Therefore, farmers must fight this disease and put more compost and become stronger. Another disease is the Berryborar disease caused by insects, which bits the beans and prevents the beans from getting sufficient minerals as needed and forces the beans to dry and fall, leading to a reduced production rate. For example, if a farmer expects a tree to give 5-6 kg, he can get 2-3 kg after losing some cherries. To prevent this disease, farmers have to use tobacco powder, mix it with water, and spray it on trees.

Antestia bug is another insect that would make a hole inside the beans, deposit some eggs inside, and change the taste of coffee to taste like raw potatoes. So you end up with coffee tasting like potatoes caused by antestia bugs. To prevent this, farmers use piretium; white flowers are grown in the north part of Rwanda. In addition, they produce organic pesticides to kill the bugs and make sure that Coffee does not end up tasting like potatoes. So, in the end, one can learn that there is a cure for everything in nature.