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Varieties of Coffee : Arabica & Robusta

As a farmer growing Arabica coffee, you need to work extremely hard. Because the arabica tree is not so strong and a delicate tree, it needs support from human beings. On the other hand, Robusta is very robust and lives up to its name; it is very resistant. The Arabica is quality-wise because it has a delicious smell, varieties of flavours, a balance of acidity and sweetness. Robusta, however, is very bitter and not so liked. Regardless, many coffee brands around the world make a blend of part Robusta- part Arabica. The explanation they say is because Robusta has more caffeine and Arabica has less, therefore the combination. This explanation is strictly for marketing. The other thing behind this blending is that Robusta is way cheaper and Arabica very expensive. Therefore, when the two varieties are combined, it is easier to be sold at an average price on the market and increase profit.

Sometimes people ask why some coffee 1kg= €12 and another is €50? When you take a close look at the prices, the buyers did not pay the same fee when buying from the same country. Many commodity buyers can not purchase speciality coffee from high-quality growers, so they purchase low-grade coffee from the auction market and export it. They can not pay the high price of $8 per kg, so they pay $3-4/kg of green beans. The coffee market varies, coffee farms vary, coffee producers vary, and so does the cost.