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Aim: To improve lives by gifting 106 farmers with farm animals!

Your Advantage: Luxurious taste of the highest quality Rwanda bourbon coffee.

You support our project with every coffee sold.

Livestock keeping

Farmers in Gashonga cooperative recognize the importance of pig husbandry as a major source of family income. One can see why they need this safety net as a supplementary source of funds for particular purposes, for example to finance children’s schooling, to use during the celebration of various events, in times of crisis or medical care.

About Hero

The income from pig sales meets essential household and farming expenses, and provides some financial independence for women.


Livestock animals like Pigs husbandry can easily be integrated with other farming activities. Small-scale farmers can earn additional income from the sale of high value animal products and invest in coffee farm assets, pay for school fees and contribute to health care.

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Other members of the families not able to work on coffee farms can take on roles in raising pigs due to less extensive labor.
Additionally, pigs are the better livestock animals for the farmers in this province of Rwanda. The animals can be fed with by-products from crops that can not be consumed or used effectively by the farmer. Animal manure will be used as organic fertilizer and in energy production.

Fast Returns

Investments to start pig husbandry as a way to diversify the livelihoods of small-scale farmers are low and returns relatively fast compared to other livestock enterprises. Even though initial spending on support structures may seem high.

About Hero

For example:
Quality training for the beneficiaries, veterinary care for the animals, transport and barns for the piglets. This form of livestock integration into small-scale farming has a positive long term effect on development and the returns far outweigh the costs.

Support our very first cooperative social project with €1 per kilo of coffee sold.